New Indie Author Spotlight on Natalia Banks

Hey guys. So I’m really excited cause I have a new indie author spotlight for you. Her name is Natalia Banks and I know you are really gonna like her. Enjoy her interview and please help her to get a strong start.

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi! I’m Natalia Banks. Born and raised in Canada. Currently living in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta. Constantly travelling the world, floating like a wild flower.

Family Unit?

I’m finding myself single for the first time in many years! My new found freedom combined with my own real life Billionaire experience is the juice that fuels my stories. The possibilities and sex appeal of these powerful, gorgeous Alpha men make for an endless supply of inspiration.


My professional background is business and finance. After working for an incredibly successful businessman and observing these powerful men in meetings. More and more I was drawn to their cool, suave and alluring demeanour. They had a confidence about them that was unique. I started daydreaming and writing while I was still in the corporate world. I craved creative release, and penning hot sexy scenarios was exactly what i needed.

Do you write part-time or full-time? And if part-time are you working to build a full-time writing career?

I hustled and made some smart investments during my time in the business world that paid off handsomely. I’m blessed to say I’m now able to do what I love full-time.

What kind of work do you do, if you have another job?

Other than writing, I have an online e-commerce business that is quite passive.

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive a black BMW sedan

What is your favourite cocktail? Food?

Oh don’t get me started! I LOVE to eat! Ha-ha and now I have to be careful since I’m sitting a lot more penning my novels. I have to remember to balance my days with more physical activity otherwise I get so immersed in writing and next thing I know I’m ordering pizza and drinking wine and writing one more chapter! I do love to eat healthy and live an active life, but I do have such a soft spot for cupcakes, pizza, carbs. All in moderation 🙂

What genres do you like to read? Do you have any favourite authors that you want to name?

I love to read. I love to read almost anything to be honest. Biographies, any books on business or self-development and romance of any kind. I’m just finding myself more intrigued in paranormal romance and historical romance. Horror isn’t my thing. I’m a big scaredy cat. My friend Emilia Hartley is an amazing author, she actually got me into reading paranormal and shifter books. She has a way of capturing your interest and making you feel like you’re on this wild, epic adventure with the characters.
Definitely check out her books if that genre is of interest to you- even if you don’t think you’d enjoy it you may be surprised!

Who or what inspired you to start writing?

Like I mentioned before, the creative release that I was seeking when I worked in the business world led me to start journaling those juicy moments, and moments that I fantasized about. I guess you could say I have a type! Ha-ha I’ve been lucky to travel to some of the most amazing cities in the world and each place has it’s own incredible energy and unique flavor. Seeing the beauty and culture of the world really stirs my soul and re-invigorates me. (as you can probably tell I’m a travel addict)

Where do you write? (paint us a picture..laptop or pc.. inside or out.. house or condo/apt.. do you have music on.. do you dance around (naked or clothed? Lol).. do you talk out loud to your characters.. do you use props.. are the neighbours convinced your crazy?

I love to write where there is a view. I live in a gorgeous high-rise condo that is ceiling to floor windows, so I have a full 360 of the mountains. It’s grounding. It reminds me daily of how big and beautiful this world really is. Desktop mac for me! I tried the laptop for a while but the big screen and mouse capabilities won me over (should probably mention my laptop is almost ten years old and the track pad is held together with pink hello kitty duct tape, hence unable to click without some brute force lol) I’ll admit sometimes I find myself in my pajamas much longer than I should and sometimes I do prance around naked! Although now I’m starting to second guess my choices since my building and the other across are all windows. What can I say.. I live on the edge..

What is the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of research?

Oh what a fun question. Well not quite for research, but more so general crazy moment.. I was on a work trip to Tokyo and I wanted to check out these amazing Karaoke bars and explore the nightlife so I ventured out alone . I met some great people and other tourists but after a little too much Saki I couldn’t remember the name of my hotel! I didn’t have my cell phone on me and then it was that flash of panic. In a city of 13.5 million people and not knowing the language is about as uncomfortable as it gets! Luckily I finally described the hotel name and area in a strained conversation with the taxi driver. Phew

What genres do you or will you be writing for?

Contemporary Romance, Billionaire specifically is my cup of tea

So I know some authors work on a book for years and it might change considerably from where it started, but the bones of it are still the same. And some authors never share their 1st book with anyone. What was the 1st book you wrote and it that the 1st one published or are you still hiding it somewhere?

The Sheikh’s Rebellious Billionaire Son
it’s a novella and I had intentions of publishing it on Amazon, but decided instead to use it as a free book that reader’s receive when they opt-in to my newsletter : Here

Which of your characters is the most like you and how?

Brooke Robins is the main character in “The Wealthy Sheikh’s Love Triangle” and she is the personal assistant to an architect she works for. They travel to Dubai to secure a work contract… The parallels with my previous corporate career and hers as well as her vivacious energy- I can relate to.

If I helped you hide the body, who would you kill and why? (of course I meant one of your characters lol)

Definitely the Jersey mobsters in my new book- SOLD: Auctioned to the Billionaire
They are so awful and make you so angry! Classic dummy mobsters that you just want to knock them senseless lol

What do you have coming up the rest of this year (book signings, groups, conventions, etc)?

I’m currently writing book 2 in the new series I am writing. (Book 1 is launching April 6 on Amazon)
I’m really excited to continue the series, this summer I’ll spending a lot of time at my family’s cottage in Ontario writing on the dock on the water, which is my favourite place in the world to be!

Any other books planned? When is the next one due for release?

Yes, The Steele series I am writing now is launching April 6 , and then book 2 sometime in May hopefully

Anything else you would like for us to know about you or your work?

Just a big huge hug for you and all your readers. As an indie author it can be hard to break into the writing world and be seen. I love my readers so much and I’m truly honoured to be providing entertainment that fans can enjoy and really connect with. Thank you so much!

Where to find me?

New Release is called: Sold: Auctioned to the Billionaire
Will be available on Amazon: April 6

Link to book description is Here

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