New Release! One More Night by Sarah O’Rourke (Sex, Vows & Babies Kindle World)

Another awesome book from Sarah O’Rourke. A woman with trust issues, an alpha male that loves her and their wild ride to get to a HEA with a baby on board. If you don’t know them, Sarah O’Rourke is the pen name for the dynamic duo that is also known as Crazy one & Crazy two. To make this release even better, it’s in the first round of releases in the new Kindle World, Fiona Davenport’s Sex, Vows and Babies.

Shaw knows he wants Waverlee from the moment he first sees her working in the bar. He comes around every night hoping to get her to spend some time with him. When she does give him a chance, their chemistry is off the charts. But she doesn’t have faith in relationships, so she will only give him one night at a time.

This is such a feel good story. It’s nice to read a book once in a while where the getting together part happens in the beginning, you know? Don’t get me wrong, they still have their challenges, but fighting their feelings isn’t one of them. I recommend this one and best of all, it’s just $1.99. The book below is a link to Amazon so you can get it and start reading right away. Make sure you come back and let me know what you think. Oh and don’t forget to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to stay up to date on the mischief and mayhem happenin’ round here 🙂 Enjoy!

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