Daddy’s Girl by Isabella Starling

It’s so good to be bad and Law is definitely bad in a good way. It’s obvious from the beginning that Law is obsessed with Lily and has to make her his Daddy’s girl. But her mother is so much worse. I can’t tell you more about that without ruining it for you. Trust me, there were so many unexpected twists & turns that you can’t put it down.

I started out wanting to kill Law myself. He freely admits that he’s a monster and his past is something out of a horror movie, but he really does love Lily in his own twisted way, and he does want to protect her.

Lily, while confused by her attraction to Law and what he does to her, can’t help but want him. With the shock & horror of learning that her mother is an even worse monster, she comes to depend on Law to protect her and keep her safe. Of course, with the attraction between them, she can’t help but fall in love with him.

But wait til you get to the end. You will not see this coming. Well worth the read. So it’s only $.99 and FREE in KU (Kindle Unlimited). The picture of the book below is a link to Amazon so you can get it now.

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