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Good morning. Jeanne St. James is in the author spotlight today. Jeanne, thank you for letting us share in this awesome journey that you are on. I wanted this to be a bit different from the average interview. I’ve randomly thrown in some questions so that we can get to know Jeanne on a more personal level and not just professionally. Hopefully, I’ve accomplished that. Make sure you support Jeanne by visiting, liking & sharing on all her social media and sign up for her newsletter. The links are below. So let’s get started.

Who are you and where did you come from (and no you can’t say from your mother :))?
I’m Jeanne St. James, erotic romance author. I currently live in south central Pennsylvania, but was born in Queens, NYC and also lived in New Jersey.

Family unit?
I live with two female French bulldogs.

I’ve been writing since I was 13. I was first published in 2006 with an erotic short story in Playgirl magazine. Then my first novel was contracted and published in 2009. That book will be re-released this year.

Do you write part-time or full time, and if part-time are you trying to build up your writing career to be full-time?
I write part-time. I don’t plan on writing full-time until I retire from my current job.

What kind of work do you do, if you have another job?
I work in security access for a large government organization.

What kind of car do you drive?
Funny enough, just recently I went from driving a Mercedes SL500 convertible to a Nissan Juke. It’s a huge change but easier on the wallet.

What genres do you like to read? Do you have any favorite authors that you want to name?
I read a variety of books in the romance genre. I like paranormal and contemporary. Some of my current favorite authors are J.R. Ward, Colleen Hoover, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Emma Chase.

Who or what inspired you to start writing?
I read a lot as a child. I started reading historical romance when I was young and fell in love with the romance genre. But I basically started writing because it was a sort of therapy for my teenage angst.

Where do you write? (Paint us a picture…laptop or pc…inside or out…house or condo/apt…do you have music on…do you dance around (naked or clothed? lol)…do you talk out loud to your characters…do you use props…are the neighbors convinced your crazy?
At work, I write at my desk during lunch. At home, I have a Mac laptop and I sit on my couch with my dogs snuggled up with me and write there. I no longer have a home office since I think the living room is more comfortable. I can’t write with music on at home, only at work. Weird, I know. When I’m writing I’m in my characters’ heads so I don’t talk out loud, I’m listening to them and they tell me what direction they want to take the story.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of research?
I don’t know if this is crazy (it may be for some people) but research certain sex toys that I want to use in my book. I’ve also researched BDSM equipment. I don’t write BDSM erotica, but my characters like to get a little kinky sometimes. Just for the fun of it.

What genres do you or will you be writing for?
I write contemporary erotic romance. At this point, I don’t have any other genre I want to write in. I love the genre. I write m/m, m/f, and m/m/f ménages, so that gives me a good variety.

So I know some authors work on a book for years and it might change considerably from where it started, but the bones of it are still the same. And some authors never share their 1st book with anyone. What was the 1st book you wrote and is that the 1st one published or are you still hiding it somewhere?
I’ve written three books that will never see the light of day. My first book was written when I was a teen. I wrote two more complete novels but I know they are not well-written and not worth re-writing either. They were good practice. My fourth completed novel was submitted to a publisher and contracted.

What is your favorite cocktail? (Please share the recipe)
Whiskey Sour:
3/4 cup Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (3 lemons)
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (4 limes)
2/3 cup sugar syrup (see below)
Maraschino cherries
Add Checked Items To Grocery List

Watch how to make this recipe.

Combine the whiskey, lemon juice, lime juice and syrup. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and fill two-thirds full with the cocktail mixture. Shake for 30 seconds and pour into glasses. Add a maraschino cherry and serve ice cold.

Sugar syrup: Put 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan and cook over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Chill thoroughly before using.

Which character is the most like you and how?
It’s hard to pick just one. I think there’s a little bit of myself in each of my main characters. If I had to pick one, I’d say Marc Bryson in Brothers in Blue: Marc. He has a similar sense of humor. Marc’s story was one of my favorites to write.

If I helped you hide the body, who would you kill and why? (Of course I meant one of your characters lol)
I would kill of a character named Spinozi in my first book. I can’t remember if I actually killed him off by the end or if he went to jail. Either way he was a bad dude.

What do you have coming up the rest of this year (book signings, groups, releases, conventions, etc.)?
I have a bunch of releases scheduled for 2017. I’m trying to average approximately a book a month. This will be my most productive year ever. I’ll be writing a novella for a charity box set (for the March of Dimes) and joining some other authors in a “hot romance” box set in September.

Any other books planned? When are they due for release?
Here’s what’s planned so far for 2017:
Brothers in Blue: Marc (Brothers in Blue, Bk 2) – available for pre-order and releases 2/12/17
Made Maleen (An Erotic Twist on a Fairy Tale) – March 2017
Dare to be Three (The Dare Ménage Series, bk 3) – April 2017
Brothers in Blue: Matt – May 2017
Teddy (A Brothers in Blue novella) – July 2017 (Charity box set)
Him – July 2017
Damaged – September 2017 (box set)

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Books available now on Amazon – just click on the book to go directly to Amazon.

Brothers in Blue: Max (Brothers in Blue, bk 1)

Brothers in Blue: Marc (Brothers in Blue, bk 2)

Double Dare (The Dare Ménage Series, Bk 1)

Daring Proposal (The Dare Ménage Series, Bk 2)

Rip Cord:The Reunion & The Weekend (Books 1 & 2)

Rip Cord: The Ever After (Rip Cord, Bk 3)

I have a review post available for Brothers in Blue: Max and it is an awesome story. I am happy to tell you that Jeanne’s new book Brothers in Blue: Marc is available in KU! Make sure you check them out, you are going to love the brothers.

Jeanne, thank you so much for being our spotlight author today. Readers, thank you so much for being here to learn more about Jeanne.
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