Stolen Angel by Lucy Leroux

Wow, I loved this book. This was my first book by Lucy but I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. It is book 3 in the billionaire series “A Singular Obsession” but it is a stand alone, so don’t be afraid to start here.

The story started as a employee-employer attraction but each of our main characters have secrets. Eva is on the run and hiding from something. She’s strong and incredibly smart but isolated and lonely. Sergei is a big strong russian billionaire with an ugly past, who works hard and plays hard. But he’s lonely as well.

When they come together, their chemistry is perfect but Sergei runs scared because of his past. After he breaks her heart, she leaves and he goes crazy trying to find her to make it up to her. When he finally tracks her down, he takes her to Greece to keep her safe. He’s making progress with getting her to forgive him for being an ass. The only problem is that HER past is about to catch up to her.

When it does, they are ripped apart again, only the stakes are much higher this time. Sergei knows he must find her and save her from her worst nightmare. And Eva knows she must find the strength to survive and save herself.

The 1st half of this book was really good, but OMG the 2nd half was un-put-downable. This is where Lucy really shines. You know that feeling where you are tempted to skip to the end cause you are literally on the edge of your seat? That’s the way the 2nd half was. I have to admit I was worried about my happily ever after for a little while. Anyway, no spoilers so go get it. You won’t be sorry.

This is definitely a must read. I’m off to start the series with book 1. Come back and let me know how much you loved this one. The book cover below is the link to the book.

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