The Darker Side of Cain by Lacey Alpha

OMG this book is awesome. The Darker Side of Cain is my first book by Lacey Alpha but it won’t be my last. If you liked 50 Shades, you will love this even more. Her main characters Evelyn and Cain, are each awesome, but together they are combustible. Lacey will suck you into this story so fast you won’t know what hit you. Right from the beginning, it’s incredible.

Evie is young and inexperienced and totally out of her depth with Cain. Despite that, she challenges him at every turn. She is not going quietly into the night. Of course that ensures that Cain will chase her. But despite everything he throws at Evie, she is holding her own. She gives him a run for his money (which he has plenty of lol).

And Cain…holy moly he is hot. Good looking, rich, sometimes scary…You never know what he’s going to do next. He’s keeping Evie guessing right along with the rest of us. And just when you think you might know what’s coming next…nope you are wrong. One minute you think you might love him and the next, you just want to help Evie hide his body.

The Darker Side of Cain has an awesome storyline with passion, romance, anger, fear, love, it has it all. I couldn’t put this one down. I need the next book, like yesterday, please! Be warned though, this is a cliffhanger but so worth the read. Some BDSM, thus the erotica category. I highly recommend this one. And the best part is…It’s free on KU and only $.99 to buy on Amazon. The book below is a direct link to Amazon so you can get it right now. I’ve also included links to the other two books. The Darker Truth of Cain is book 2 and Cain is Jonah’s POV from book one. I gotta go…must read Cain lol.

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