Heartbeats by Sarah O’Rourke

Heartbeats is one of the best all around books that I read last year. It is OMG, amazing! The characters, Matteo & Brenna, and the storyline were so well-developed. You will laugh at the things that Brenna will do to save Matteo from himself. She is one strong woman and you can’t help but feel the love.

Matteo is an amazing italian character that thinks he can do it all and doesn’t need anyone’s help. He’s at the top of his game with the FBI but he doesn’t realize the tightrope that he is walking. And isn’t it just like a man to stick his head in the sand lol. Thank God Brenna loves him and is so good at her job.

The author really grabs you by the heart with this book. The emotion that she conveys with her words is amazing. This one is a winner. Be ready because Sarah will suck you in from page 1.

It will hit close to home for a lot but Sarah made the story fun while still conveying the emotions. Heartbeats is a roller-coaster ride and I couldn’t put it down. Loved this one! Well worth the read. Trust me you will want Heartbeats at the top of your tbr (to be read) list! The book cover above is a link to buy it on Amazon so you can read it asap. 🙂

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