Enchant by Demelza Carlton

I will admit that I grew up with Disney and I love all things princess. I most definitely have a Cinderella complex lol. My very favorite fairytale though, outside of Cinderella, is Beauty & the Beast. So you might say that it’s very hard to impress me with fairy tale stories. I have read my share, and some of them were really good. As a matter of fact, I will add reviews for some of them at a later time. This one, Enchant, is a cut above the others. I have to say that Demelza Carlton blew me away again.

Wow, I loved this book. You will get sucked in from the first page and won’t be able to put it down. A beautiful enchantress, Zuleika, who is strong and smart.  She has magic coming out of her pores but it manifests in different ways than the usual.

The hideous beast, Vardan, is loyal and brave with a heart of gold.  And he also happens to be…yep you guessed it, he’s a prince.  He puts his subjects first in all things.  But even here, Enchant is different.

And then there’s the scum-sucking piece of s*** king that you will want to behead.  He and Zuleika have history and it isn’t pretty.  I would have turned him into a big, fat toad if it was me.  Just saying.

Enchant was just enough, but not too much, like the original.  This is where Demelza really shows her talent.  She takes this fairy tale and makes it her own.  Her characters are amazing, the storyline unexpected, in a good way, and her creativity is over the top.  Even if you are weird and don’t care for fairy tales, you will like this book lol.

Amazing story with required HEA. Demelza, your imagination is awe-inspiring. Highly recommend. If you haven’t read Demelza yet, start here, you’ll be glad you did.  The picture of Enchant below is a link to make it easy for you.  Then make sure you check out her other books by using the link I included above. I received this book as a gift from the author and I decided to leave a voluntary review.

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