First off…Happy Holidays.  Wishing you and yours a peaceful and blessed season.

I know there are a ton of book review blogs out there and a lot of them are really good.  But I wanted to create something different.  I really thought about what I wanted to get out of my visits to those sites, and even Amazon reviews, and what I wasn’t seeing much of.  Thus begins my journey into blogging.

So here we are and I know what you’re thinking, “ok what makes this blog different?”  The answer to that quesstion is…a few things lol.  First of all, I have a feature just for new indie authors.  There is so much talent out there and it gets lost most of the time, amongst the gazillion ebooks that are available.  So I wanted to spotlight some of that talent and if I can, help their writing careers by giving them a boost.

Next, there is a lot of debate over Kindle Unlimited.  Some people think it’s a waste because there aren’t a lot of well known authors that have books in KU.  I have had a KU membership since 2012.  I am a huge fan of KU and think it is an awesome deal.  I have found a lot of incredible books and authors through KU.  So, my goal is to feature some of the great books that I have found and to make sure those authors know that, as someone that doesn’t have a ton of money, I appreciate them using KU.

I am also going to feature some of the less talked about sub-genres.  I know most people have their favorite type of books and they stick within those areas but others enjoy stories from all different categories.  Again there is a ton of talent out there that most people don’t find because it’s outside the norm.  So yep, I’m gonna do that too.

Anyway, I am so glad to have you here.  Please check out the site.  I will be doing a lot of work on the site over the next few weeks to get books on here.  I will also be adding links on my store page for the handmade items that I have for sale on Etsy.  But that might take a while.  I a NOTa website designer!  lol I am ready to pull my hair out though.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.  Looking forward to lots of discussions and sharing with you.

Talk soon,


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